Nimbus Group AB (publ) brand Alukin is launching this autumn the new boat model Alukin C 770, a boat that is a further development of the brand's previous models and a larger sequel to the model C 650 that was launched last year. Alukin's boats are built in fully welded aluminum, and through the launch of the new C 770, Nimbus Group's product offering is strengthened, which is an important part of the company's strategy to grow on the global boat market.

Alukin's boats are primarily designed for commercial use for transporting all year round and in all types of weather. The construction with hull and cabin in one welded piece contributes to an extremely stiff and rigid hull that provides a strong boat with maintained stability even under extreme conditions. The robustness and high functionality of the Alukin boats have made them popular also for leisure use, and the boats have received a positive reception in Europe as well as in parts of North America.

Alukin C 770 is a larger version of Alukin C 650 which was launched in 2022. The hull has a total length of 7.7 meters. The boat's cabin has been given more space, better visibility and a quieter hull, with the option of flexible seating for up to eight people in the cabin. Alukin C 770 will be presented at the autumn floating boat fairs in the Nordics.

Aluminum can be recycled to 100 percent without the metal losing any of its natural properties, which means reduced waste and a reduced need to extract new raw materials. Through recycling, approx. 95% of the energy that would otherwise be required to produce new metal is saved. About 75% of the aluminum produced globally in the last decade is part of a circular cycle where the metal is constantly recycled and reused.