Nimbus Group AB (publ) brand EdgeWater has appointed three new dealers for EdgeWater brand boats in the US.

L&M Marine and Day Break Marina are exclusive certified dealers for EdgeWater branded boats in Pensacola, Florida. Pensacola is in the Florida Panhandle market, one of top 5 markets for outboard sales in Florida. L&M Marine was founded in 1985 and has since acquired Day Break Marina. Both offer a full range of services and with a strong focus on customer service.

EdgeWater has also appointed Centerville Marina as the exclusive certified dealer of EdgeWater brand boats servicing the state of Virginia on the US East Coast. Centerville Marina is a family-owned marina that offers a full range of services and has earned Top Consumer Satisfaction Index Awards, CSI, for their commitment, dedication, and principles to their customer. The third new dealer named is Mountain Motors and Restoration, which has a facility in New York state and one in Connecticut. Mountain Motors and Restoration is active in a prime area for growth upstate New York.

Appointing new dealers in important markets is part of Nimbus Group's stated growth strategy. As the world's largest market for power boats, the US market has a key role for the execution of Nimbus Group's growth ambition.