Nimbus Group AB (publ) brands Flipper and Aquador have each had one boat model announced as finalists for the prestigious 2024 Motor Boat of the Year award. The boats in question are Flipper 900 DC and Aquador 300 HT.

Behind the award is the respected British boating magazine Motorboat & Yachting, which annually selects the winners for the Motor Boat of the Year award. Recently, the finalists for the 2024 award were named and a total of 41 different boats across 9 different categories were announced. Flipper 900 DC was nominated in the category "Day Boats larger than 30 feet” and Aquador in the category "Sportscruisers up to 45 feet”. Motor Boat of the Year awards are widely considered to be the Oscars of the boating world. To even be considered for the award, every boat has to go through an exhaustive sea trial process.

"That Nimbus Group has two boat models among the finalists bears testimony to our ability to develop attractive boats with first-class features, something that is crucial for our opportunities to grow in the international market," says Michael Bohm, Chief Marketing Officer of Nimbus Group.