Nimbus Boats has been building boats since 1968 and has always had a very strong position on the European market. The Nimbus brand is a part of Nimbus Group including the other brands, Flipper, Aquador, Paragon, Alukin, Falcon and Bella. The Coupé line for Nimbus has always been the “back bone” of Nimbus Range, with the launch of our new models of Weekenders, Tenders and Commutes Nimbus expansion was given in US and the Pacifics. Nimbus is ready for the next step into Asia.

“We believe that Nimbus has great potential in Asia and we believe that the Asian market growth potential is very strong. We selected Asiamarine as our partner since they have a strong and well known organisation situated in Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Phuket and Vietnam. Asiamarine also has high knowledge and a strong aftermarket to be able to provide a premium service grade. We strongly believe that Asia marine and Nimbus will grow the Asian market together.” – Says Jonas Göthberg, Commercial Director of Nimbus Boats.

We have long looked for a solid and established brand of premium quality. The signature of our regional dealership agreement with Nimbus today marks a significant progress as the Nimbus range completes our offer with the highest quality product imaginable in this segment of yacht. It also complements without infringing on our existing portfolio. Nimbus is well suited for Asian clients, who are mainly attracted to the best quality in their purchase. We are therefore proud to bring Nimbus in our region. Without surprise, the first slots have being pre-sold to experienced boat owners who do understand the benefit of having a premium product and the saving they will enjoy over time.” – Says Michel Joly dealership manager for Asiamarine.

For more information please contact:

Jonas Göthberg, Commercial Director of Nimbus Boats
Michel Joly, Dealership manager at Asiamarine

About Nimbus Group
Nimbus was originally founded in 1968 when production of leisure powerboats under the brand Nimbus started. Since then, several brands have been added to the portfolio of what today is the Nimbus Group. Nimbus Group today comprises the brands Alukin, Aquador, Bella, Falcon, Flipper, Nimbus and Paragon Yachts. The Principal Shareholder, R12 Kapital, acquired the majority of the shares in Nimbus Group in 2012, and Nimbus Group is today a leading boat manufacturer in the European market and has since 2017 started to expand in the American market. Nimbus Group’s business model is to, through its different brands, offer a broad range of high-quality powerboats where each brand has its distinct target group. Nimbus Group had net sales of SEK 1 029 million in 2020.
From 2014 to 2019, Nimbus Group’s net sales increased from SEK 197 million to SEK 930 million. The growth has been driven organically as well as through acquisitions of both distributors and producers. In 2018, Nimbus Group acquired boat producers Alukin Boats Sweden AB and Bella-Veneet Oy (including the brands Aquador, Flipper, Falcon and Bella). For more information about Nimbus Group, please visit us at
The Company’s Certified Adviser is Erik Penser Bank AB, tel: +46 (0) 8 463 83 00, e-mail: