Nimbus Group AB (publ) has signed agreements with new dealers for boats under the Aquador brand in Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea. At the same time, Aquador is expanding its dealer network in Norway with an additional dealer. “To support the expansion for Nimbus Group and its various brands, we are continuing to grow our dealer network. Aquador has traditionally enjoyed a strong position in northern Europe, but the new generation of Aquador boats that is now being launched has broadened interest and created opportunities to expand into both new and established markets,” says Michael Bohm, CMO of Nimbus Group.

In New Zealand, Sports Marine has now begun selling Aquador. Sports Marine has been a successful dealer in boats under the Nimbus brand for many years. In Australia, Chapman Marine will be expanding its offering of boats from Nimbus Group by selling Aquador as well. Chapman Marine has a strong position in the Australian market, and has been a dealer for Nimbus Group’s Bella, Flipper and Falcon brands for a number of years. In South Korea, East International will become the new Aquador dealer. The Norwegian dealer Norbåt has been selling boats under the Nimbus and Paragon brands for years and is now supplementing its product range by starting to sell Aquador as well.

“What all these dealers have in common is that they see excellent possibilities for Aquador’s new boats in their respective markets. This increased interest shows that our robust efforts to develop and renew our brands and their products are providing the intended support for Nimbus Group’s long-term strategy of growth,” says Michael Bohm, Chief Marketing Officer.