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    We increase the experience and satisfaction of leisure boat owners by designing, producing and marketing large and small motorboats with strong brands. Common features of our product brands are Scandinavian design, quality, comfort, safety thinking and environmental focus.

Our Brands

Through a diversified portfolio of brands, Nimbus Group offers end customers a wide range of recreational motorboats from one and the same supplier via its dealer network. Our brands are aimed at more experienced boat owners where all brands are associated with high quality, performance, functionality, and user-friendliness as well as a classic Scandinavian design.


Nimbus Group considers itself, as one of Europe’s largest boat manufacturers, responsible for sustainability and the environment. Nimbus Group also expects to see that consumers to a greater extent choose and leisure boats that are perceived as environmentally sustainable. We are also involved in a recycling project on fiberglass composite waste together with, among others, RISE with the task of strengthening Sweden’s ability to innovate and contribute to sustainable growth.

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Interim Report Q1 2024

April 26, 2024

The report for the first quarter 2024 was published on Friday, April 26, 2024, at 07.30 CEST.

Webcast: 10:00 CEST the same day.

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